Austin Company’s Tiny Houses are a Big Deal

The tiny house movement is something that we in real estate have seen flourish over the past ten years. It is something none of us saw coming, as it sits outside of the normal model of property and home ownership. The real estate industry has always been driven by the idea that “bigger is better”; that the larger, more expensive house is somehow a more attractive and desirable option than the smaller, simpler home.

The tiny house movement sits outside of this traditional way of thinking, where the philosophy focuses on what you need from a living space, rather than what you think you want. The tiny house movement isn’t just an architectural discipline, it has its roots in the deeper philosophy of simple living, of stoicism, which grew out of ancient Greece in the early 3rd Century BC and flourished until around the end of the 3rd Century AD.

Today’s desire for smaller, simple living spaces which function perfectly alongside their owner is being championed by Austin’s very own company, Kasita. This relatively young company is receiving a lot of attention in the industry for their luxurious yet simple micro homes. The company name derives from the Spanish word casita, meaning “little house”, offering prefabricated homes which are affordable, mobile, and compact.

Kasita’s latest line in tiny houses includes a gorgeous new model which is incredibly chic yet covers just 352 square feet of internal living space. The homes are constructed using state-of-the-art technology and conveniences, including the ability to control heating and lighting from a mobile app. Luxury finishes include walk-in showers, laundry facilities, ovens, fridges, and a fold-away queen-sized bed.

Tiny homes require significantly less maintenance than more traditional houses. They are ergonomically designed to give you what you need, however, perhaps the greatest thing about these tiny houses is the fact they look simply awesome no matter where you put them. Kasita’s fit perfectly in the urban setting of downtown or would function excellently as a nature getaway. The only thing limiting the possibilities is your imagination; where would you put yours?