What Austin Workers Value Most

Ever wondered what makes Austin happy? Well, in terms of work, a new study by the Austin-American Statesman might have just got to the heart of the matter. The data was compiled in a paper entitled the 2017 Top Workplaces of Greater Austin, aiming to get to the bottom of what makes the average, regular Austinite happy in their job.

The survey asked over 24,000 workers across 151 employers to rate their work experience in categories which included ethics, values, leadership, and direction. The companies surveyed employ more than 41,000 workers in the Austin metro area and so have a fair representation of the unified “us.”

Happy Workers – Happy City

The results of the study clearly showed that Austin’s workers were happy in their employment for reasons beyond just their paycheck. What Austin’s workforce valued the most in their job environment was a solid cultural core which gives employees the chance to grow, shine, and flourish in their careers. The ability to learn from supervisors in order to deepen their understanding of their job and the scope for the future of their employment was considered very important to most people.

This trend is in keeping with the influx of young professionals which Austin has seen over the past ten or fifteen years. The landscape of characters which live and work in Austin has changed significantly, with employers who offer a broad scope of careers and employment routes which lead all the way to the top.

One of the most significant elements which came out of the study was employees’ keen focus on a workplace which not only allowed them to fulfill their potential but to also feel a genuine sense of appreciation for their work. Austin has a casual work culture which isn’t rooted in the cold, corporate ethos. The work culture in Austin is probably more like San Francisco – we’re forward-thinking people who benefit from having the space and mentoring to be creative with our work.