Georgetown is a beautiful city with a rich history in the county seat of Williamson County, Texas. Williamson County is just north of Austin, a well-known major city in the great lone star state. Georgetown lies on the northeastern edge of the Texas Hill Country, about 26 miles north of Austin’s Central Business District. It is an excellent bedroom community that has just the right amount of amenities to satisfy big city cravings in a small-town setting.

The earliest known inhabitants in the Georgetown area were the Tonkawas. Then, during the time of the earliest European settlements, there were some Tojuane, Tawakoni and Mayeye Indians. The city was named after George Washington Glasscock who generously donated the land for the town to be built on. Pioneers came to Georgetown for the area for its timber and good water. The land was also affordable and very fertile, so it was an ideal place for many families to build a life on. Georgetown started to grow significantly with the establishment of railroads, cattle trails passing through, and the eventual establishment of Southwestern University. The county became the top cotton producer in the state as well, bringing even more people to the area. Georgetown was a hit until a horrific flood came in 1921 and killed many people. This led to the creation of Lake Georgetown once a dam was built to prevent another major flood. Lake Georgetown was opened to the public in 1979, and Georgetown began to thrive again.

shutterstock_193362785 During the 2010 census, Georgetown had a population of 47,400, so you can say this city has been doing significantly well since the flood. By 2017, Georgetown is going to be a 100% green powered community relying on wind and solar farms to provide power for the entire city. Georgetown has homes for sale that are absolutely stunning. The rich history of Georgetown has left the city with multiple historic neighborhood districts: Williamson County Courthouse District, Belford National District, and University Avenue/Elm Street District. The Williamson County Courthouse District is one of the most well preserved Victorian and Pre-World War downtown historic districts in the nation. Many Georgetown residents enjoy open prairies and wide skies. The town has rural qualities, unbeatable historical districts, and one of the prettiest downtown squares in Texas.

The historic Georgetown square is filled with gorgeous buildings, shops, restaurants, wine and more. There are events and festivals held all throughout the year. A few of this year’s upcoming events include: First Friday on the Square, Market Days, and Georgetown Wine and Music on the Square. First Friday is where the square comes alive once a month after hours. Local musicians come out to play, and locals can come out to dine, mingle, drink wine, and do a little after hour shopping. During Market Days, every Saturday of every month from March through November, the square will come to life around the Historic Courthouse. Browse through crafters, artisans, delicious food, entertainment, and local vendors for a nice Saturday out on the town. Georgetown Wine and Music on the Square is an annual event where locals and visitors can come out and enjoy a unique Wine and Music festival with friends and neighbors. One of the best celebrations of the year, however, is the annual Christmas Stroll. The Christmas Spirit is alive in Georgetown Square year after year with Bethlehem Village, Whoo-Village with the Grinch and his characters, live entertainment on the Jingle Bell State and Silver Bell Stage, Brungot Christmas Tree Farm, Santa’s Village and more! There are over 170 vendors for shopping, a bistro food court for delicious holiday foods, dessert with the Grinch, and a Christmas parade! The best time of year is celebrated with lots of cheer in this beautiful family-friendly town.

There’s plenty to do in and around Georgetown. You could have a great time just strolling through the square or exploring the historical districts in your free time. There is a splash pad downtown to have fun and cool off in during the hot Texas summers. The Williamson Museum will take you back in time to the World War II era and what happened in the county during that time. Another great place to take you back in time is the Georgetown Palace Theatre where you can watch musicals, plays and other live performances inside a restored vintage theater. The Fountainwood Observatory opens up to the public once a month and is a great experience to enjoy with the family or on a date night. There are several viewing rooms and telescopes set up, each viewing something different such as a moon, plane, galaxy, nebula, or supernova. Members of the Southwestern Physics or Astronomy department are by each telescope to explain what exactly it is that you are viewing and interesting facts about it. There are also several golf courses around, Blue Hole lagoon, wineries, bowling, parks, playgrounds, and so much more for residents, locals, and visitors to enjoy.