Top 5 Actions for Selling Your Home

1) How much is your home worth?
It’s important to understand what your home is worth. This depends on a number of factors including location, age of the home, size of the home, lot size, improvements and features. In an upward trending market, it’s especially important to look at homes that have recently sold, list prices and how fast homes are receiving contracts in order to determine value. Request a free analysis of what your home is worth based on similar sales in your neighborhood.

2) What needs to be done prior to listing your home for sale?
When preparing your home for sale, it’s important to prioritize improvements and to focus on the things that will generate the highest return. Harlan Realty can help you prioritize a “to do list” and put together a timeline before you list your home. We also have the experience and contacts to help you get your home ready for sale, generate the highest ROI and sell your home in record time. We always strive to make the home selling process simple and hassle free.

3) How long does take to sell a home in your neighborhood?
In order to plan for your move, you need to understand how long it may take to sell your home. Request a free pricing analysis which includes average days on market and what your home is worth.

4) How familiar is my agent with the area and neighborhoods?
It’s important that you have an agent that is knowledgeable about the area, neighborhoods and benefits of living in your community. Call Harlan Realty today and we’ll match you with an agent that has knowledge and experience in your community.

5) Does my agent have an aggressive marketing plan in place?
You must understand how your agent is going to market your home beyond the standard photos, MLS listing and yard sign. Harlan Realty offers an aggressive and comprehensive marketing plan to get your home sold for top dollar in record time.

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